Darwin Millard

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About Darwin

Darwin Millard was a key member of the Science Division at Dixie Elixirs & Edibles LLC with responsibility for developing and implementing extraction methods and standardized operating procedures.  He was an important part of the team that developed and introduced the Dixie Botanicals brand of hemp-based cannabidiol products, the first hemp-based cannabinoid dietary supplements to be sold in the United States.  Millard is a strong proponent of cannabinoid-based treatment therapies as a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs.  His efforts have been directed towards developing commercially viable extraction methods for utilizing supercritical CO2 in the isolation of mono-specific cannabinoids from Cannabis on the industrial scale.  Millard has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and specializes in mechanical and solvent-based extraction methodologies for isolating highly volatile terpenophenolic secondary metabolites from botanicals.  He has spent the last nine years focusing on the extraction of cannabinoids and other molecular constituents from the Cannabis plant.  Darwin Millard is the chair of the HIA Cannabinoid Safety Committee and is active in assisting to create and define legislation for this burgeoning industry. Millard is a co-founder and partner of a cannabis consulting company called Plan(t) Consulting Group, LLC as well as a co-founder and partner of Applied Botanical Sciences, Inc., a cannabinoid nutraceutical company.