Tamar Wise

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About Tamar

Tamar Wise has a dual degree from the University of Colorado in Biochemistry and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Her specialty is in formulation of natural nutraceuticals from Cannabis for use in proactive preventative care and overall wellness. Wise was the Head of Science at Dixie Botanicals, formerly part of Dixie Elixirs, a leading producer of cannabis infused, lab tested products in the U.S. Wise was core in the research and development of the first hemp based CBD product range that is currently sold and distributed throughout the nation. Wise is actively involved in cannabinoid education on national radio shows, and speaks at conferences and in panels around the world. Currently, Wise is involved in leading the Hemp Industries Association Cannabinoid Committee. This committee is actively shaping and advising the evolving legislation and regulations surrounding cannabinoid therapies state by state and nationally. Wise is a co-founder and partner of a cannabis consulting company called Plan(t) Consulting Group, LLC as well as a co-founder and partner of Applied Botanical Sciences, Inc., a cannabinoid nutraceutical company.