How to Make the Most of this Convention

In The Blogby clicksimply

If you’ve ever been to a business conference before, you know that what you do after the conference is really what matters. Who you connect to, and how you follow up with any promises or ideas discussed can greatly influence the success that you have. In an effort to help maximize the effectiveness of the conference, we’ve come up with this list of the 5 best post- conference things to do for your business.

1. Email, call, text, contact in any way those associates and competitors that you said you would. Nowadays, people throw around promises and deals like they’re nothing. If the words come out of your mouth, then make sure you mean it. Reach out to those potential partners, and help show them that you mean business.

2. Take notes at the conference, and share everything that you learn with your employees/ partners. As a representative from your company at this conference, you should try to learn just as much as you try to network. Sharing the ideas and strategies that you’ve just learned with the rest of your company assures that you’re all on the same page.

3. Don’t be afraid of change. As a business owner, you must innovate to avoid becoming obsolete. We will present you with countless ideas and strategies at this conference that have the ability to change the operations in a positive way. Don’t let your own preoccupations stop you from anything.

4. Never fail to say thank you. It’s so easy to go on without recognizing the actions or words of others, but a simple thank you has the ability to go a long way. Take the initiative in your post-conference relationships and make sure that everyone has good things to say about you and your company.

5. If you don’t have one already, start a blog! Share your experiences with your customer. Customers love an inside look, a way for them to relate to you in a way other than the transaction. Share what you learned, and other little things that may seem irrelevant, but are telling of your company.