In-Conference Advertising

In The Blogby clicksimply

Attendance at this event can bring back great things for your company’s reputation and operations, but the in-conference advertising that we offer puts your company under the spotlight in front of hundreds of possible investors and/or partners. So, what are some of your options for advertising with us and which one should you choose?

Conference Guide Advertisement: $395. The Conference Guide Advertisement is one of the more affordable and effective ways to advertise your company. The guide will be in the hands of all attendees, and is a great way to attract attention from all directions to your company. This is a perfect option if you are a newer company looking to seek an initial recognition. It won’t break the bank, but it will be very useful.

Branded Attendee Logo’d Water Bottle: $10,000.The cost of this option is obviously a little more expensive than most others, but rightfully so. Think about why for a moment. What are attendees going to do with that bottle? They’ll take it home, use it semi-regularly and be reminded of your company and what you have to offer for years to come. It’s an ad campaign that gets your company’s name within important people’s households with little to no effort. This option may be good for you if you are a larger organization and a short-term investment of a few thousand dollars won’t break the bank.

Bag Insert: $500. This is a simple option that allows you to put one item – CD/DVD, flyer, or any other item approved by our staff – in a gift bag given to all attendees. This, being similar to the Conference Guide Advertisement, is a great way to connect with the industry in a cost- effective manner.

VIP Evening Event Sponsor: $15,000. The primary event of the conference, the headliner, the one that everyone’s been waiting for. Perhaps the best time at the conference to network and connect with other companies, and you have the chance to sponsor the whole evening. Sponsoring this event puts your logo on cups, napkins, signage, and gives you the opportunity to hand out other items as well. The price may seem a little steep, but considering who’s going to be holding the cups that have your company’s name on them, the short-term sacrifice is well-worth the long-term reward.

These are just a few options that we offer, take a look at our website here to see the other options! We look forward to seeing you in February.