Pot goes Professional: The Cannabis Collaborative Conference

In by Olivia Finley

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Not that long ago, Hempfest, a Phish tour, or various gatherings held across the nation on April 20th were among the few places where those involved in the cannabis business could congregate to discuss their industry. Cannabis competitions existed, but they were primarily held outside of the US, and were devoted to the plant, not the business behind it. But as the industry matures, any market participant who is also a serious business person seems to be eager to talk about the industry’s need to professionalize. For the past three years, the Cannabis Collaborative Conference (CCC) has created a space for those serious cannabis industry actors.

The two-day event, to be held this Wednesday and Thursday, February 15th and 16th, at the Portland Expo Center, is about business, science, and policy, not blunts, spliffs, and piff. Though we don’t expect too many suits and ties – whatever former Gov. Kitzhaber’s sins, he was unerringly Oregonian in his jean and blazer combos – a professional space for serious discussion is on the agenda.

The CCC will host speakers focusing state and federal regulation, rescheduling, employment, testing, intellectual property, and several other related fields. Business oriented speakers will look at topics such as extraction methods, distribution options, and greenhouse technologies, among other topics. An exhibition hall will feature stalls and presentations from dozens of local and national industry participants.

For those looking for even more, the CCC also offers a host of online certification programs for marijuana industry participants, ranging from production techniques to budtending courses and certification on cannabis related safety regulations.
Registration a the Collaborative Cannabis Conference ranges from $50 for entry to the exhibition hall to $249 for the package. For those who are eager to embrace the industry’s move away from its patchouli roots, it’s the place to be to make industry connections and get a peak into what’s next.

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