The Cannabis Collaborative Conference Is More Important Than Ever

In by Olivia Finley


The cannabis industry and movement is at a vital juncture. The cannabis community has achieved a lot in recent years, which should be celebrated. However, there’s still a lot of work left to be done, even in states that have legalized. If we don’t proceed methodically and thoughtfully, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could be wasted.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a successful vote on cannabis reform is the finish line. In reality, it’s really just the end of one phase of the battle and the start of another. Until the cannabis industry is treated the same way as any other legal, beneficial industry, there will always be work to do.

If the cannabis community does not go about that work the right way, it’s quite possible that cannabis opponents could hinder our progress and/or the industry could be hijacked by special interests that do not share the same values and goals as responsible cannabis community members. We cannot let that happen.

Banking reform, reducing stigma, social consumption, equity, expungements, freeing prisoners, removing hurdles to research – those are all components of what I refer to as ‘the second phase of legalization.’ A lot of events are geared toward increasing profits or pushing for initial reform victories, but few focus on the real issues that face the future of the cannabis industry and movement.

One event, which is one of my favorites, puts it all on display and gathers the thought leaders and influencers that will likely shape the future of the cannabis world. That event is the Cannabis Collaborative Conference which will be held in Portland, Oregon January 23-24.

My home state, Oregon, is at a vital juncture when it comes to the cannabis industry. The landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and standing out in the crowd is becoming progressively more difficult as a result. That is also proving to be the case in more and more markets as reform spreads and the industry expands.

People that attend the Cannabis Collaborative Conference can learn from true experts, network with effective leaders, and gain the insight that they will need in order to reach their full potential. There’s a reason why the event bills itself as being ‘created by the industry, for the industry.’ It’s not designed to merely get people’s dollars. Rather, it’s designed to get conversations going, passions ignited, and desirable results achieved.

The event still has limited room for speakers and sponsors, and you can find out how to apply to participate at the event’s website. Tickets are still available too, but the event is likely to sell out soon, so get your tickets ASAP!

Among other features, the event will include a ‘hemp corner,’ a grower/buyer meet and greet, an investor lounge, and an energy pavilion. It’s going to be a truly remarkable event. Below are a couple of examples of what people have been saying about prior events:

“CCC was a great conference! This is one gigantic fest with learning and networking and ideas flowing. We had a steady stream of potential customers on both days….we received numerous leads. Mary Lou and her staff were phenomenal to work with.” -Rob Brown, Cannasafe Solutions

“The CCC PDX 2018 was one of the best organized cannabis conferences I have attended or participated in over the last several years! You guys did an exceptional job of getting highly qualified speakers who specifically spoke to relevant, real time, business impacting challenges faced by cannabis entrepreneurs. So many of the conferences are just cookie cutter events with the same speakers, same presentations very often drawing only lookie-loo types who are considering getting into the cannabis industry rather than the entrepreneurs actually trying to survive a highly volatile industry. Thank you for being the example of how it can be done rather than just another show shouting some version of ‘come learn about the cannabis industry and learn how to get make millions.’” -Norman Ives, Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC

The cannabis industry has seen an explosion in the number of events being offered in recent years. As someone that has attended more events than most people, I can assure you that they are not all created equal. The Cannabis Collaborative Conference is easily one of the best out there, and I hope you join me in attending!

Article Via Weed News