Mary Lou Burton

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Mary Lou is an Oregon native and created Bravo! in 1990 to provide the entire Event & Wedding business with networking, resources and trade shows. Exposed to the challenges people faced will navigating the unpredictable waters of the cannabis industry, Mary Lou decided to apply the successful model she had created for the hospitality industry to the Cannabis world. Mary Lou built a team committed to the vision of helping to make Oregon the “Craft Cannabis” State. The first show was highly “grass roots”, based on attending meeting and seminars, as well as connecting with all aspects of the industry. After meeting with and hearing feedback from the industry- the goal was to create a show….”For the industry…by the Industry”. Mary Lou is now known as “The Pot Cheerleader” and Cannabis Connector. Mary Lou is the mother of four and her oldest son recently got married and she enjoys spending time with her new granddaughter.