Cliff Thomason

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President and founder of Oregon Hemp Company
First farmer to plant hemp legally in Oregon in over 70 years
Co-Founder of the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association
Featured in an online National Geographic story in 2015
Statewide featured speaker on growing and cultivating industrial hemp in Oregon
Medical Marijuana Advocate
Advocate for affordable access to cannabis medication
Creator of Antidope, a natural high reducer from excessive cannabis medication and recreational marijuana usage

Lobbied successfully against HB2668 in 2015, a bill that would have severely limited industrial hemp growth in Oregon
Had sponsored, and lobbied successfully, for HB4060 in 2016, a bill that greatly enhanced industrial hemp growth in Oregon
Successfully won 2016 Independent Party of Oregon’s gubernatorial primary in May, 2016
Was the 2016 Independent Party of Oregon’s candidate for Governor
Advocate for the establishment of an Oregon St