Douglas Strabel

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Doug’s business background is in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. His experience began in the semi-conductor industry in California. He went on to work with multiple semi-conductor start-ups including VLSI Technology and Synertek. Later as a Director of Procurement for Seagate Technology he expanded his experience in the computer peripheral industries and consumer products industries. He was a co-founder of 3Delta Systems (3DSI), an internet-based credit card authorization and Level-3 line item detail payment system. Today 3DSI offers merchants a variety of fully hosted Internet-based payment systems. Between 2000 and 2006 Doug played a major role at Netflix, Inc. as the Director of Materials. Doug founded Greenmark ERS in 2010 to provide management consultancy in the supply chain arena, including project management and logistics with the goal of increasing profit margins by reducing clients cost of purchased materials and services.