eWind Solutions

In 2019 Exhibitor, Energy Efficiency by

eWind Solutions is an airborne wind energy company located in Beaverton, Oregon commercializing a novel technology that utilizes a tethered energy drone (TED) to access higher winds at altitude for a lower cost.  Our competitive advantage in the small wind market(<100kW nameplate capacity) is we can economically reach heights up to 500ft in altitude, where the energy produced by the wind is 400% higher than at ground level.  We can achieve big wind farm turbine efficiency at a cost lower than existing small wind turbines.   Our initial target market is focused on American farms growing high value crops, such as cannabis, vines (wineries) and nut growers.  Our initial 15kW system is designed to provide enough power to support one small to midsize farm, which typically use 45,000kWhrs per year or roughly equivalent to the power used in 4 to 5 US homes.  Our system is 4x’s more efficient than current small wind turbines.