Ammon Ford

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Ammon holds joint JD and MBA degree from Seattle University’s School of Law and Albers School of Business and Economics with a focus in entrepreneurial business law. He is fascinated by the development of cannabis in law and economics and looks forward to navigating the industry for decades to come.

At Seattle University, Ammon’s Nocturnal Brewing team was the Grand Prize Winner of the 17th Annual Harriet Stephenson Business Plan Competition, hosted in 2015 by the Albers Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center. In 2013 he founded the Cannabis Law Society (CLAW), the first cannabis-centered law student association in the US, and served on the boards of the JD/MBA Student Association and Phi Alpha Delta International Law Fraternity.  

When he is not working, you can find Ammon camping, reading poetry, and spending time with his wife and their dog Stubby Charlie.