Eric Wendt

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Eric has been working in chemistry labs his entire professional career. He got his start in the pharmaceutical industry working with many of the top Fortune 500 pharma companies on product development, formulation work, and stability studies. After three years living and working in the Midwest, the lure of all the outdoor activities Portland had to offer prompted a move to the Pacific Northwest. He took a position in the quality control laboratory of a growing vitamin, mineral, and nutritional supplement company located in Vancouver Washington. There he facilitated the growth of the laboratory and worked on analytical method development to reduce turnaround time, expand the testing capabilities of the lab, and assist with new FDA oversight and regulations of the nutritional supplement industry.  Next he spent time with an instrumentation company working as a technical consultant and outside sales for analytical chemistry applications ranging from academic research, oil and gas industry, pharmaceuticals, and environmental applications. In November of 2015, he joined Green Leaf Lab and has worked to bring its operations in line with the standards required in a regulated industry and has helped Green Leaf Lab become one of the premier cannabis laboratories in the Northwest. Eric also had the opportunity to participate in the RAC committee meetings and was a member of a subcommittee helping to craft the new testing requirements for the industry. When he’s not working, Eric enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid rock climber, backcountry skier, and mountain biker.