Anton Kimball

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In the cannabis arena, Kimball Design creates new brands, logotypes, and packaging for some of the most successful cannabis producers and distributors. Recent projects include designs for Attis Trading Company, Celadon Farms, Green Cross Brand, Lifted Farms, Beacon dispensaries, Magic Wand, Windy River, Fulcrum, Thalo CBD, Clear Bright Dawn, PureForm Botanicals, BioPure CBD and Passport Cannabis.

The Kimball studio worked with Sonoma’s CannaCraft to recreate the company’s Absolute Xtracts brand. ABX products, sold at over one thousand California dispensaries, feature striking new Kimball-designed packages, with support materials such as advertising posters, retail point-of-purchase, merchandising, and decorative apparel. The studio also developed the new logotype and packaging for Humboldt’s Finest, one of the premier producing groups in Northern California, as well as branding for the collective, Infyniti Grown, including the creation of a custom, proprietary typeface.

Anton was also a speaker at the 2017 INDO EXPO, delivering a seminar on cannabis brand development and enhancement.