Jackson Capdeville

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Jackson founded an organic, locally sourced, self funded distillery in Santa Cruz, CA in 2007. From this experience, he quickly learned that balancing safety and production was critical to his companies success. After utilizing these lessons himself, he optimized production workflow, without sacrificing safety, to one of the largest wineries in WA, in 2012. As the wine industry mindset became more frustrating, he shifted focus to plants as medicine and began his career at Eden Labs, the most trusted name in the engineering of extraction and distillation systems based on operational efficiencies, safety and the purity of product required to legalize Cannabis on a medical platform. At Eden, Jackson again used his experience as a business owner to train operators in the safe and optimal use of supercritical co2 and ethanol systems and further supports them pre and post sale to make profitable decisions for their production and production facilities as Eden’s chief Technology Consultant