Jesse Fernández

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I started as a farm hand and trimmer in large club grows of Mendocino, California. Most notably for Emerald Cup winner and co-founder of Aficionado Seed Company. Shortly after, I began experimenting with tincture style concentrates and RSO under the California Medical program. I then continued this work in the state of Oregon doing medical transfers as an OMMP patient, branded as Hive Honey edibles and Concentrates. Since 2014 I have worked with Nectar Cannabis Retail stores currently as a Super Lead Budtender at the Montavilla Location. I’m known by some as the weed whisperer because I do a good job pairing a consumer’s needs with the right products; what they want to feel, how long they want it to last, what’s good for writer block, a first date and more. Because I sample many products and chat with reps about their process, I have an inside perspective and in depth experience with what works for various needs. It’s been an amazing Journey. I’m glad to say I talk about weed and consult with people about Cannabis for a living.