What to do in Portland

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Whether talking about the marijuana industry or not, Portland is one of the country’s most entertaining cities. Filled with amazing restaurants, events, and tourist attractions, Portland seemingly never disappoints. So what should you do in Portland when you come? Where should you spend your time and why? Today, we’ll share with you our 10 recommendations of what to do/where to eat while your here!

1. Visit the Portland Art Museum. As the oldest art museum on the West Coast, Portland’s exceptional artistic influence is epitomized in this historical attraction. Although there are no special exhibits listed for the days that you will be here for the conference, the year-round options are breathtaking in themselves.

2. Visit Washington Park. With beautiful attractions like the Japanese Garden, and the International Rose Test Garden, Wash Park is a true showcase to Oregon’s natural beauty.

3. Eat at the Habibi Restaurant on SW Morrison St. With a lively environment and outstanding food, this wonderful Lebanese restaurant offers great quality at a great price. 100% recommended!

4. Like sushi? Try out Bamboo. With a plethora of options, this fresh-prepared seafood den is a sushi lover’s dream. Although only open for dinner, Bamboo is well-worth the visit.

5. Need morning coffee and are looking for something other than Starbucks? Try Barista. As Google results accurately describes it, a “tiny, and unpretentious coffeehouse.” Barista gives you the classic coffeehouse environment with a great product to back up the appearance.

6. Need a great lunch spot? Try Clyde Common – a perfect place for conversation and a fantastic meal. Clyde Common has a great reputation here and rightfully so. If you have a little extra time, take a business associate or friend here – perfect large group areas ideal for networking or catching up.

7. Looking for something fun to do? See a movie or show at one of the city’s theaters. With the old theater feel maintained in a majority of the venues available, the modern feel has been reestablished with renovations – a perfect collision between classic and contemporary.

8. Go see the Portland Trailblazers play the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night! With sessions ending around 4 PM that day, enjoy your last night in Portland by truly experiencing the culture.

9. Go eat at one of the best restaurants that we have to offer, Pok Pok. Andy Ricker, the head chef, was named the best chef in the North West in 2011. Go check out his wonderful dishes for yourself. The chicken wings are world-renowned, a must try!

10. Explore! No amount of recommendations or adjectives can accurately portray the beauty of this city. With whatever spare time you have, I strongly suggest that you experience this wonderful place for yourself. Drive through the art districts and the downtown area, and find something that looks good for you. Photo by Ian Sane