10 Reasons this Conference is Perfect for your Business

In The Blogby clicksimply

Many of you reading this are trying to find out more about this event, and why/if you should participate, while others are reading this to make sure that what they have signed up for is a good investment for their future and that of their company. We’ve decided to do a blog dedicated to what this conference has in store for you if you’ve already registered or why you should pull the trigger and register already if you’re on the fence. Here’s 10 quick reasons:

  1. Networking. We’ve emphasized this over and over again, but only because the importance can’t be understated. Networking is the key to success.
  2. Advertising. A form of networking, but should attract clients rather than partners. This conference isn’t only comprised of competitors, but of investors and buyers as well. No one will buy your product if they can’t see it.
  3. Be an investor. This conference is amazing for new companies and products, a perfect time to get in on the ground floor.
  4. Knowledge. Take what you learn here from the exhibitors and various products on display, and utilize similar operations in your own business model.
  5. Mix things up. So many times we’re caught up in our daily operations and ways of living that we forget to mix things up. Use this as an educational getaway, a business trip that doubles as an escape.
  6. Learn from others’ experience. You aren’t only learning about the newest technologies and innovations, you’re also learning from others’ mistakes and experiences so that you can avoid them.
  7. To get yourself on track. Many young entrepreneurs think that they have a plan, only to find out that they were ridiculously unprepared. This gives you a chance to “check over” your ideas and plans with a knowledgeable newfound associate.
  8. To stay in the loop. Industries change, don’t lose sight of what’s changing in yours.
  9. To diversify your company. You will hear about things at this conference that you didn’t even know existed. In every industry in today’s world, you have to innovate and innovate again to stay relevant. Wandering your interests into anther field will only help your company.
  10. To see the industry in Portland. One of the model industries in the world today, talk to local business owners and see the works for yourself.