Who’s Speaking and What you will Learn

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The value of a conference and its educational content stems not only from your own personal experience, but also from the chosen speakers and what they have to offer. At the upcoming conference, we’ve chosen a panel of professionals from all areas of this industry to teach you about anything that might spark your interest. Here’s a list of headliners that we’ve set up for this coming February, and what topics they’ll be covering.

Steven Marks, OLCC, Executive Director: Steven’s unique experience with the state of Oregon provides us with a wonderful speech of how things came to be as we know them today. A synopsis of his own personal memories and those of the industry itself, Steven’s speech is an educational trip.

Aaron Smith, NCIA, Co-Founder & Executive Director: A pro networker of sorts, Aaron is an expert in all aspects of this industry and has used a public advocacy for marijuana reform to headline his career. A well-known voice in this industry, we’re so fortunate to have him.

Cliff Robinson, Cannabis Advocate: Now yes, this is the retired NBA All-Star Cliff Robinson that you’ve undoubtedly heard of before. A native of Portland, he gives us a very exciting speech from all walks of life.

Tom Burns, PDX Partners, CEO: A true entrepreneur, Tom has taken this industry by storm. With a wonderful background in what it takes to be successful at virtually anything, Tom’s knowledge is truly influential.

Neil Yorio, BIOS, LLC Vice President, Lighting Research: Neil worked for NASA for over 20 years and has now taken his skills to the private sector. With an accomplished track record sprinkled with degrees and notable achievements, Neil has an endless supply of stories. In order to satisfy those seeking improvements in lighting and technology, Neil is the perfect guy to see speak.

Noah Stokes, CannaGuard Security, Founder/CEO: Noah, notorious for essentially revolutionizing the security behind warehouses and properties, has a wonderful speech in store for you. Noah’s entrepreneurial spirit and personality make for an exciting speech, never failing to inspire and innovate.

Come join us for a couple days filled with knowledge, fun, and limitless possibilities. Check out our agenda for the conference at https://ccc-con.com/agenda/